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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been busy launching other sites and looking for one of those day jobs.

The Chocolate Dog Blog will soon be on the move. Same address, new digs. It will make it even easier for me to do even more with the blog.

So please stay tuned.

Picture contest in Halifax

Don’t forget to enter your cute pet pic in this year’s Bide Awhile Pet Photo Challenge. Entry deadline is Feb. 29. Go to http://www.bideawhile.org/events/photo.php for more information or call them at 469-9578.

Barking mad for Oscar fashions

From the Toronto Star

Are you one of the millions of fashion fiends who covet Oscar red carpet styles? Sadly, the costly gowns worn by Hollywood’s elite will likely never adorn your non-celebrity body – but there may be hope for your dog.

Now, the ruffles, lace, satin and sequins seen on A-list stars like Reese Witherspoon can be worn by Fido, thanks to a red carpet collection of dog wear designed by two Tinseltown textile hounds and inspired by the Oscars’ red carpet fashion.

Designer Lara Alameddine and her husband and business partner, Daniel Dubiecki, own Little Lily, a pet-centric lifestyle brand based in Tinseltown.

For years, they have made Hollywood-style garments for dogs and are immersed in the mix between movies and canines.

He is a producer on Best Film nominee Juno and she designs dog outfits for movies. Remember Elle Woods’ Chihuahua in the Legally Blonde movies? It has worn Little Lily.

An Oscars collection from 2007 featured a bead-encrusted version of the Grecian-inspired Marchesa gown worn by Jennifer Lopez. Another piece was inspired by the avant-garde scarlet Balenciaga that adorned Nicole Kidman.

This year, Alameddine and Dubiecki will attend the Oscars, see who’s wearing what and within two days come out with five new looks for canine fashionistas that cost about $150 each.

Update on Huckleberry

As I posted earlier in the week there was a dog-napping case in Toronto that thankfully ended well.

Here is an update since according to the Toronto Star.

Richard Cassibo, the man who returned a chocolate brown Labrador retriever to its owner for a $15,000 reward, was taken into police custody yesterday morning.

Police officers arrived at Cassibo’s home on Chisholm Ave., near Main St. and Danforth Ave., and escorted him and a friend to jail, said a man who identified himself as Cassibo’s son-in-law.

In an interview last night at Cassibo’s home, the young man said Cassibo called home yesterday afternoon and said he and a friend had been charged with theft and would be in police custody overnight. They were scheduled for a bail hearing this morning.

Sounds like all is back to normal.

Remember to keep an eye on your dog at all times, there are very sad and pathetic people out there who want to profit any way they can.

2008 Doggie Expo and Carnival

Coming this Sunday to Halifax.

2008 Doggie Expo and Carnival

When: February 24, 2008

Where: Halifax Forum (multi purpose centre), 2901 Windsor Street

Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Admission: $2 at the door, children under 12 free. BRING YOUR DOG!!!

It’s that time of year again! It’s our 4th annual Doggie Expo! This year is going to be by far the biggest and best. We’re having it at the Halifax Forum, in the large Multi-purpose room. Last
year we had approximately 35 exhibitors and about 1,000 attentees (and their pups!). We’re expanding into a larger room this year, giving people more room to move around with their pups, and more exhibitors to see.

For those of you who are not familiar, the Doggie Expo is a tradeshow for locally owned, independant companies that offer dog related products and/or services. Everything from groomers, doggie apparel, and dog trainers will be on hand. It’s an awesome event!

What’s really exciting is that we’re combining the Dog Carnival with the Doggie Expo. That means during the Expo we’ll have all kinds of contests for your fur-kids, including the biggest dog, smallest dog, longest tail, and even Canadian Doggie Idol! (a greyhound will definitely be able to give all the other dogs a Roo for their money!).

If you, or someone you know would be interested in exhibiting, please send Melissa an email.

Official Dog Carnival Ad.

Dog-napped Lab returned home safely

A possibly tragic story has a happy ending today.

From the Toronto Star

Huckleberry, the victim of a weekend dog-napping, has been returned safe and sound.

“Thank God he’s okay,” said owner Bert Clark. “I haven’t slept in two days. I’m a wreck.”

The chocolate Labrador was returned home late Sunday after police received a tip from the alleged doggy-nappers. Clark didn’t reveal whether or not he issued the $15,000 reward he promised, saying that the ordeal has left him too exhausted to comment.

“He’s healthy, he’s safe, and he’s happy to see me,” Clark said.

The dog was reported missing on Saturday morning after he disappeared outside a Yonge St. and Roxborough St. bakery.

Clark immediately offered $15,000 as a reward for the safe return of his dog.

“There isn’t any sum of money that I would associate with him,” Clark said last night during a break from searching for his pet. “Life isn’t about money – it’s about the connection you make with other souls. Huckleberry was like my soulmate.”

Huckleberry went missing while he was in the care of a dog walker, Clark said. She left the pooch tied up outside a bakery at Roxborough andYonge Sts., and came out several minutes later to find him gone.


I  have never trusted leaving Bosco tied up outside while I go into a store and if I did I would make sure there was direct sight of him. How awful to steal someone else’s dog. Can you imagine how the dog walker felt?

I am glad it got resolved. Huckleberry looks like a pretty sweet guy and based on what I know about my lab, they will go home with anyone.


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